God is reminding us today!

God is reminding us today!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

This, I Should No Longer Keep to Myself!

Gospel Reflection for 
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Mt 22:15- 21

For the longest time, I’ve never been too bold telling one and all that “I have cancer!” 

For some reason I respected, I never disobeyed when my mom told me that I shouldn’t make others know that I am battling cancer. For all those times, seven years in a row while I was in remission, only few did know that I was giving cancer a good fight. Only few did know that I’ve been a strong fighter.

Up until the “second wave” came in 2016 when I had to go through the same battle again – when cancer turned stage 4, I was still too cautious whether to go out to the open because as I was told, not everyone would wish us good will when we are frail.  

My body showed how physically weak metastasis have caused, 
... but every time I gave myself “the push” that I needed, 
... every time I smile at myself in the mirror while loosing those hairs again, 
... every time I strive to manage to get up each waking morning 
    to mend the home and assure my husband and kids that they still have me, 
... and every time I would strive to bring myself to sleep with God’s songs of healing 
    amidst the stinging pains elsewhere in my body, 
    -- I just can’t help but be grateful for God’s mercy.     

"Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar
and to God what belongs to God." – Matthew 22:21

For the longest time, I deeply know I owe God!

Thanks to this Gospel – because today, I am boldly declaring to give back whatever is due to Him – that amount of gratitude which I should never keep to myself.

Just like that coin which has Caesar’s image, I am a kind of a coin as wellstamped with God’s image and likeness, I belong to God!  Nothing will ever hinder me now from telling one and all that I am strong in my battle because God is within me -- and at that, I am not just a Cancer Survivor, AM A VICTOR!

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"True Character is who you are and what you do -- even when no one is watching you!"